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What’s Our Story?

DeMarco Real Talk Radio Productions was founded by DeMarco McSwain on October 18, 2010. DeMarco has a vision of being his own boss doing Radio Talk Shows, Music Shows, Entertaining People, Mentoring, Motivational Speaking, encouraging everyone to have a voice. He also encourages the Youth to do the right things in life and give them a voice, offer a relationship, family, and advice to people who don't mind or not scared of hearing the TRUTH even thou the truth hurts, and last but not least he enjoys helping the Community.


DeMarco pitched the idea to his family letting them know what he wanted to do and how he was going to run his show platforms, he said, "I'm not going to let nothing detour me from my vision that I have set out." Today DRT Productions is going strong and growing and has been expanding and partnering with Celebrities, Authors, Artist / Music Artist, Actors / Actresses, Producers / Directors, other Radio Platforms, as well as the American Cancer Society, Bully Prevention groups, Injustice Groups,  Local & Worldwide Businesses, & much more. DRT Productions are always open to any suggestions that you may have so always feel free to e-Mail us about what you would like to see or what you would like to help with because we love everyone.

"Attention Attention"

"If you would like to give a DONATION to DRT Productions Please Feel Free To Click The Donate Button On The Top Right, Anything That You Can Give Is Very Appreciated & Thank You In Advance."

DeMarco Real Talk is a focused show for everyone to come and hear Real Talk. We discuss all types of topics & issues for all our listeners and help each other come up with solutions. We help others find the way while allowing our listeners to take part in the shows by asking questions, commenting, or just chatting. DRT is an interactive show. We would like your input about show topics and special guests you would like to hear from on DeMarco Real Talk. , our DRT Team will ensure we get factual information to you from our show.


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We are Demarco Real Talk Radio Productions

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